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BEAUTYFOOLS is an acrobatic theatre for kids and adults with a lot of slapstick, first-class acro, juggling and music. Dive into a world of fools, storytellers, wire dancers, acrobats and musicians. Into a world of big weddings and small stories around.
Let yourself be inspired of the four humorous and charming figures.

BEAUTYFOOLS is a salmagundi of bizarre and weirded characters and situations. This piece is created in the first instance for street- and open-air-stages. An important part of the production is the live-performed music, which was specially composed for the piece.

Ulla Tikka, Andreas Muntwyler, Gerardo Tetilla
Musiker / Komponist
Lukas Stäger

Das Stück ist geeignet für Openair, Bühne und Strasse.
Dauer: 30 Minuten