the roikkuva company

Andreas Muntwyler

Andreas Muntwyler received his training at the French state circus school Châlons-en-Champagne. After this, he went on tour with the family-own circus: Circus Monti. In 2002 he founded together with Ulla Tikka his own circus dance company: F-ART. He’s always looking for new forms of expression, also in his work on the wire with his partner Ulla Tikka. Together they are one of the best tight wire duos worldwide.

2015 Creative support for Cie. Fahraway’s show Eisenartig
2014 Co-organiser of the 1st edition of
gadjo - contemporary circus festival in Winterthur
ohne Louis summer tour, Festivals in Germany and Switzerland
2014 Co-artistic director (with Ulla Tikka and Lukas Staeger) for
Circus Monti (CH), show bonjour la vie!
2013 Artist at
Kristallpalast Leipzig, Train
ohne Louis summer tour, Festivals in Bern, Sarnico, Linz
2013 Co-artistic director (with Ulla Tikka and Lukas Stäger) for
Circus Chnopf (CH)
ohne Louis, performing in Cairo (Egypt) and Mod’in (Israel)
2012 Creation and premiere of own production
Mädchen Mädchen, physical rock opera
2012 Artist in
Cyclope, an acrobatic open air show after Jean Tinguely, also responsible of the artist
casting of the show
2012 Artistic concept and directing Circus Monti (CH), show „kopfüber“, together with Schang Meier
F-Art, duo acts in Palazzo Colombino
inStallation, an artistic-musical play (Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, England, France)
PuuPääT, artistic physical theatre in the forest (Wohlen AG)
Peli: contemporary circus show (Finnland-tour)
Les Colporteurs: Le fil sous la neige, Choreography for 7 wire dancers and 3 musicians (toured in
Europe, North- and South-America)
2003-2009 F-ART: Harjahti (Tour through Europe)
Le Site CRA: Schlag! (Paris), Circus inspired by „Die Blechtrommel“ by G. Grass
1994-2002 Circus Monti: Solo- and group acts